New Pace Wedding Films

BVTLive! Elevation performs for bride and groom as they dance on the dance floor for their wedding reception

The idea of a conventional wedding video just does not fit the modern couple’s need to capture the magical moments that are unfolding throughout their special day. Since 2007, New Pace Wedding Films has been handcrafting each film, taking wedding films to the next level. They set a new pace for the modern wedding, using the latest in high definition cameras and creative film techniques. They personify your wedding event in a style you’ll want to share over and over—like one of your favorite films.

New Pace travels throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Maryland, DC and beyond capturing wedding day magic. Their goal is to create stunning, cinematic wedding films that give you a fun, modern way to relive your wedding day moments whenever you want. Even better, they keep the process streamlined and the budget affordable.

“Knowing we have the opportunity to tell your story on film in a beautiful way is why we LOVE what we do.”

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