Alison Conklin Photography

Bride and Groom being lifted in chairs by their guests as the other wedding guests look on and cheer.

Alison’s passion for weddings, food, fashion, and design has helped position herself as the premier photographer in the Philadelphia area. Due to life-changing experiences, photography has become more than a passion; it has become an extension of herself. Her mother, who was an avid photographer, passed away suddenly when she was 14. To help process her loss, she poured through all of the black and white images of her mother that she could find. These images helped give her an intense appreciation for the emotion and captivating nature a single photograph can provide. Alison’s photographs allow you to not only fall in love with her images, but her view on the world. Her mission is to capture the little moments in life that go unseen so that you can cherish those times forever.

Alison’s second shooter, Geoff, is the adventurous photographer that every event needs. During events, he spends time hanging from balcony’s or off roofs in order to get the perfect shot at unconventional perspectives. While Allison focuses on documenting the overall scene, Geoff aims to zoom in on the small details that are often overlooked. Whether it be the groom tying his tie or the parents holding hands and crying tears of joy, Geoff is always looking for those little moments to amplify. In addition to second shooting, he is in charge of email correspondence. He takes pride in his promptness in responding to potential clients.

With a large portfolio, Alison and Geoff have shot celebrities and famous athletes and has landed in many top publications for her work. Most notably, they have been featured on the magazine covers of Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, and the Knot. If you value capturing every small and large moment, Allison and Geoff’s work will surely impress you with their breathtaking visual account of one of the biggest days of your life.

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