Philadelphia Wedding Band Showcase – See the Best Bands at BVTLive!

Come to a Philadelphia Wedding Band Showcase at BVTLive! – See For Yourself Why People Say BVTLive! is the Best!

Attending a Philadelphia wedding band showcase at BVTLive is one of the best ways to pick your perfect wedding band. “Our clients have found that attending our wedding band showcase gives them an amazing experience that helps them make a final decision,” says Kurt Titchenell, bandleader of Jellyroll and the owner of BVTLive.

Live music is best experienced live, right? So we host our showcases at an amazing venue best known for hosting live entertainment – The Ardmore Music Hall. The sound is great and the vibe is fun.  In some “Philadelphia wedding band showcase” experiences, clients are led to a little room with rows of folding chairs and a make-shift stage. Not with us. Our showcase experience is a fun and free night of music that is more like a night out on the town, or a date night. There is no obligation and we do not believe in high pressure sales.

What Should I Expect at a BVTLive! Philadelphia Wedding Band Showcase?

We just want people to come out and enjoy the music. With talented bands like the amazing All About Me Band, the show-stopping Big Ric Rising, the classic The Eddie Bruce Experience, the incredibly fun-loving Midnight Hour, the heavy hitting City Rhythm, the high energy Strangers, the awesome sounding Back2Life, and the high-energy Deja Blue showcasing their amazing talents every other week, it’s no surprise that the vibe is always positive and smiles are everywhere.

Philadelphia wedding band showcases can be very competitive and sometimes it makes brides and grooms feel pressured. We have a different approach.  We want people to enjoy the process while they are making their decision. We understand that planning a wedding can be stressful enough so the last thing we want to do is add any stress to the entertainment selection process. We want you to simply be entertained and imagine the amazing time you will have at your reception with one of our bands. Sign up for our fun and free showcase now. No pressure, no obligation. Just great music to help you make the right decision. Learn what important questions you should ask at a Philadelphia wedding band showcase and check out each band’s highlights on our Instagram page @bvtlive.