DJ CrescendoIf you’re looking for something more than just a DJ, look no further. Crescendo is a high-energy act that merges the modern sound of a DJ with the explosive energy of live Drums along with the sophistication of a skilled MC. From the moment they start performing, you’ll know why it’s important to hire such an experienced group like Crescendo. With such talented artists, this group creatively plays and blends music from all genres and decades seamlessly while keeping the dance floor packed and your event flowing flawlessly. By fusing the best components of both live and electronic music, Crescendo will make your event unforgettable.

crescendo logoHaving performed at hundreds of weddings and corporate events, Crescendo is one of the most experienced and sought after DJ, drummer, and emcee groups available.

Douglass, aka DJ Vertigo, has been in the DJ business for over 20 years. Developing a passion for music and DJing as a teenager, Doug’s musical background spans across multiple styles and genres. His preference of DJing with turntables brings an unparalleled level of authenticity to your event.

CrescendoWith over 25 years of experience, drummer/percussionist Jason Betz is well versed in Funk, Rock, and R&B. Jason has played live with acts and projects from a wide variety of genres. He also has extensive experience tracking and recording drums on many Rock, R&B, CCM, and Pop albums and projects. The studio drumming world dictates a level of precision and tastefulness in playing that has lent itself perfectly to the dynamic sound of Crescendo.

With years of experience emceeing and DJing at weddings and corporate events, Doug has developed an emcee style that keeps the party flowing and allows the DJ/Drum fusion to keep the dance floor going. Don’t be surprised when you suddenly find yourself dancing.

With a show that combines the elements of a live band with the endless music selection of a DJ, every Crescendo performance is unique and exciting and will keep you and your guests dancing all night!