What’s with this Engagement Photo Session? By David Campli

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As the world becomes flooded with images of news events, birthday parties, your favorite puppy and much much more, do we really need to have a photo session for engagements. Well as you might expect, my answer is a resounding YES but for a reason you might not expect.

As a photographer and studio owner for many years I know the benefits of getting to know someone before you photograph them. With an upcoming wedding, the engagement session provides me with the opportunity to spend a little time getting to know the bride and groom in a relaxed and fun setting. I can find out a little more about them on a personal level. These types of sessions are also a great way to find out how these two interact with each other. Not everyone wants to be romantic in front of the camera. Some couples I have photographed are very shy at first and then in a little while become fun and crazy when the camera points in their direction. This also helps me know what to expect on wedding day.

My career has also made me very inquisitive. I ask lots of questions during an engagement session. Try it for yourself sometimes. When you are ready to take a photograph of your friend or family member, ask a question. Now wait, (this is the hard part) just long enough for the body language to change from stiff and posed, to relaxed and normal… quick – shoot it now.

So now you are all reserved with your wedding photographer and you have taken the advice on having a engagement session. Where do you go for this photo shoot? Choose a setting that has some meaning to it. If it is convenient and within the travel distance allowed with your contract, perhaps where the couple met would be a great backdrop. Don’t rule out the corner bar or college quad. You would be amazed at the possibilities. Photographers usually love this stuff. It gets the creativity going and can really be fun. Most importantly have a conversation with the photographer, who will probably have some great ideas for you. Be careful not to over think it. Sometimes Pinterest can be great and then sometimes it can really be overkill

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