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Wedding Reception Entrances That Will WOW Your Guests

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After wedding vows and rings have been exchanged, guests patiently wait for the entrance of the bride and groom to make their very first appearance together as Mr. and Mrs. Not only is this a special moment for the bride and groom, but for all of the wedding guests as well. Throughout the years, couples have gone over the top with grand entrances to their wedding reception. There are ways to make your entrance unforgettable yet traditional, and even in your budget, all at the same time. There are a few small modifications a couple can do in order to make their entrance more memorable without going overboard.

Spotlight on You!

Dimming the lights throughout a reception area, creating a spotlight effect only on the bride and groom makes sure that all eyes are on the newlyweds. The light leads the couple to their seat, or even right on to the dance floor to begin their first dance. The spotlight is a great way to ensure that the bride and groom’s first appearance is elegantly the center of attention, but is not too overwhelming for their guests.

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Silhouette Entrance

A silhouette entrance is also an option for a bride and groom. The couple can begin their entrance behind a screen where only shadows can be seen of the couple. Eventually, they walk out behind the screen into the reception area to be greeted by guests for the first time. This is also an excellent opportunity for unique photos and videos, and once the reception is in full swing, guests can have their turn at using the silhouette screen for unforgettable moments.

Flowers, Confetti, and Balloons – Oh My!

Another option is a flower, confetti, or balloon drop just before the bride and groom enter the reception. These options focus attention to this specific area and will make for a remarkable entrance and memorable candid photo shots as well! Talk to your floral designer or event planner to help you! This type of entrance is a fun and exciting way of showing your guests the happily married newlyweds! Your wedding reception entrance should be a moment of pure joy! At BVTLive!, we can help you create the perfect entry. If you are interested in using special lighting or staging in your opening or other special moments of the evening, such as a spotlight or silhouette screen, take a look at our enhancements, fill out a contact form, or call us today at (610) 358-9010 ! If you are looking for a more unique idea that might involve some other props, take a look at our affiliates page for our recommendations of professionals in the wedding industry that can help you sort out the details! If you are still stuck on what song you or your bridal party should enter to, take a look at our outstanding recommendations added to our Entrance Songs page that our team at BVTLive! compiled based on our clients from this past year. We wish you well with all your wedding day planning!

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