Venue Spotlight: George Peabody Library & Evergreen Museum

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George Peabody Library

The Sheridan Libraries and University Museums at Johns Hopkins University not only offer collections of decorative arts and rare books and manuscripts, but also provide beautiful gardens and historic architecture to be utilized as event spaces for the most significant celebrations. The George Peabody Library and the Evergreen Museum & Library are two premier locations in Baltimore, Maryland to hold any special event.

In 1857, George Peabody, a Massachusetts-born philanthropist, dedicated the Peabody Institute to the citizens of Baltimore for their “kindness and hospitality”. Today we know the institute as the George Peabody Library, and aside from its traditional use as a research library, it is also a breathtaking event space for the most beautiful celebrations.

The George Peabody Library was designed by Baltimore architect Edmund G. Lind and Dr. Nathaniel H. Morison, and was officially opened in 1878. The Stack Room, the main event space, is renowned for its six tiers of beautiful cast-iron columns and decorative railings that rise 61 feet from the marble floors all the way to the skylight that dramatically caps the space. While the George Peabody Library is part of the Sheridan Libraries Special Collections at Johns Hopkins University, it is housed in the world-renown Peabody Institute of Music facilities.


Evergreen Museum The Evergreen Museum & Library, also part of the Sheridan Libraries, is a 19th Century Gilded Age mansion surrounded by Italian-style gardens, and is located just ten minutes from Baltimore’s beautiful Inner Harbor. This historic estate offers both indoor and outdoor spaces to hold memorable and unique events. The Evergreens Carriage House, built in the 1870s, offers great potential for any event with a large carriage room, wood paneled stalls, and a paved garden terrace. For events held outdoors, the Upper Gardens offer beautiful and unique settings with cast-iron Victorian benches, a historic fountain, and the Main House as an impressive backdrop.

Judy Moskowitz, the Private Events Coordinator at The Sheridan Libraries, is known for going above and beyond for every couple planning their special day. For further information on holding your special event at either of these historic locations, contact Judy at (443) 840-9585.

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