Swing Bands in 2015

The Influence of Swing Bands, Sinatra, & Standards in 2015

Wedding & Party Bands

With the birth of swing music in the 1930s and its rise through the 1940s, Bandleaders such as Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller, and Count Basie were household names. Dancing the Foxtrot and Twostep to the elegant sounds of big band music was the societal norm. 2015 marks the centennial birthday of one of the greatest performers of all time, also grouped into the swing category, Frank Sinatra.This musical style that was once all the rage is now considered a thing of the past; or is it? Sinatra’s top hits, for example, have become standards, and are still among the most requested songs at any event. His sound influences many of today’s most popular artists.

What does this mean for your event?

While searching for your perfect dance band, be sure to consider a few things. Though this is your event, keep your guests in mind. The most successful dance bands will have the repertoire to appeal to multiple generations and will have the versatility to play anything from swing to pop. I think it’s funny putting Sinatra and Pitbull in the same sentence, but think about it… Don’t you want to have the dance floor packed with all of your guests, regardless of their age? It is trendy to have your wedding band stick to newer music, however, to bridge the age gap and keep your gusts dancing, musicians and vocalists at BVTLive! aim for versatility. Whether it’s the dynamic horns sections, various fedoras, or the command from the front line, the popular music you love as well as the Sinatra, Standards and Swing Music will be part of the band’s repertoire. Keep your eye on the band’s range, and all of your guests will have a blast.

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Nils is an active musician and businessman in the Philadelphia area. After graduating from the University of North Texas with a degree in Jazz Studies on Saxophone, he returned to the east coast and began his employment at BVTLive! He is currently the Marketing Director, and an Event Specialist at BVTLive and the Saxophone player and horn section leader in the band Big Ric Rising. With hundreds of wedding performances under his belt, Nils continues to freelance on both saxophone and voice, working very much in the artistic world as well as the wedding and special event industry.