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How to Plan a Socially Distanced Wedding That’s Amazing

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Planning a wedding during a pandemic can certainly be a challenge. How do you make your wedding everything you ever dreamed it would be and yet still host a socially distanced wedding?

It might take some thought, flexibility, and ingenuity but it is possible to pull off a beautiful wedding with appropriate social distancing practices in play. From the planning pieces to the ceremony and reception, we’ve got you covered!

Check out these great tips for planning a socially distanced wedding that will be absolutely amazing.

Don’t Forget the Purpose

Remember that your wedding is about so much more than just the wedding playlist and the dress. While these are certainly relevant parts of your planning, keep your eyes on the prize. This wedding is to bring you and your spouse into marriage and commitment. It’s about the two of you coming together and sharing your love for each other.

While you may run into roadblocks and frustration along the way, try to keep your focus on the purpose and remember that at the end of the day, you will be married, which is really the ultimate goal of the process.

We know this is easier said than done but try to use this as a reminder as you work through your wedding planning process.

Communicate with your partner through all of the planning and remember to keep your focus on what matters most.

Use Available Technology

With social media and apps and ever-changing technology, there is so much you can do with the available technology. It may be time to come to terms with reducing the number of guests for social distancing purposes but that doesn’t mean others have to be left out completely.

Most of the time, you can work with vendors through apps and you can track your progress and make your entire ceremony available to others through technology and social media as well.
Rather than running all around town and various expos, try using social media and the web to find vendors. You can find reviews online and you can often coordinate online as well. You can meet via Zoom and similar resources and have phone calls.

While there are some things you may need to meet in person for, you can keep contact to a minimum by using technology. The beauty of this is, you can have private one-on-one conversations and you can even have scheduled meetings from afar.

When you look for wedding DJs or perhaps search “live band near me”. You can often find reviews and people to avoid through these searches and continue to find more information online. Some of these services will even let you book them online. Don’t forget to provide your preferences on your wedding playlist if you have any specific songs to request. You want to make sure they can play or provide the music you need for different parts of the night.

Find Wedding Dress Locations Online

It’s true that you probably need to visit a few boutiques and dress shops to find your perfect dress. However, you can do a lot of research online and maybe narrow down the list of places you want to visit and find out what their policies are for socially distancing and appointment making.

Some small boutiques are by appointment only, which means you won’t have to worry about fighting crowds and extra people while you just try to find the dress that’s right for you.

Do a little bit of research before you just go out dress shopping. Make appointments as needed and maybe even look up gown styles and have a general idea of what appeals to you. Don’t be afraid to ask about their distancing and sanitization practices as well.

Find Tuxes and Accessories Online

On the same note, you can use a similar tactic for finding suits and tuxes and other outfits for your wedding party. Have people take measurements and carefully review sizing guides. Ordering tuxes online might actually save you money in the long run. These services typically have detailed guides for measuring and choosing the fit as well.

Most grooms and groomsmen really don’t even want to go try on their tuxes. They would rather you take care of this detail and make it simple by just ordering online anyway.

At the same time, this is a key place to communicate with your partner and be sure you know what they want to do or prefer to do here. If they want to have the experience of trying tuxes in person, you can take an approach similar to the approach with the dress.

Look for places to book appointments that offer one-on-one appointments and won’t be overly crowded with browsing grooms.

Online Wedding Registry

Everything is available online now, including a wedding registry! Decide 1-2 places you want to register and start the process online. This is a great way to tackle an item on your to-do list without having to get out in public to do so.

If you’re not sure where you want to register, take a look at some popular registry locations and their websites and see which places have items that appeal to you, and then decide from there.
Most of these places will still send you their little registry packets in the mail and you have the ability to build on to your registry should you think of something else to add later.

Online registries are very nice because guests that don’t live nearby or perhaps can’t attend, can still shop the registry and they can also see if the item has already been purchased.

There are a lot of advantages to an online registry and the social distancing aspect is just one of them!

Spread Out and Reduce

It can be very hard to reduce the number of guests at a wedding and reception. If you want your wedding to take place, this is a sacrifice you may have to come to terms with. You can always postpone your wedding to see if things clear off but there is no guarantee improvements will come anytime soon.

There comes a time you have to make a decision. Reduce the numbers and keep your gathering small. Your wedding can still be everything you’ve dreamed of and many guests will understand if you have to change the number of guests you are allowing into either the reception or ceremony.

Some other things you can do here are to spread out seating. At the reception and the ceremony, you can spread out guests so they aren’t seated right on top of each other. Skip rows on pews, spread tables and rows apart, and similar steps to simply distance people further for safety purposes.

Keep the wedding small and intimate and you might actually enjoy it more. You will remember who was there and a smaller gathering will be just as beautiful in the end.


Having a socially distanced wedding doesn’t mean that your wedding is ruined. While there may be some adaptation or postponements, you can still have an amazing wedding and keep it safe.

We hope that you will find some of these tips helpful in planning your wedding and knowing your options for safety and assurance as well. Be sure to reach out to us for any questions around planning your next socially distanced wedding.

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