Sid Miller Dance Band visits Martha’s Vineyard


Sid Miller Martha's Vineyard

The Sid Miller Dance Band performed at an exquisite wedding in Martha’s Vineyard on July 19th. We were elated to be a part of Sara and Phillip’s special day.

After we thought one encore was enough, the guest s requested another! We could have played all night, had they not had a sound ordinance. The dance floor was electrifying, and not to mention packed the entire night. It was hard to stop playing for such an exciting crowd.

As for the guests that were in attendance, we saw three of our past brides and grooms! Drew and Katie, who were married in 2007 in Cape Cod, J.P. and Amy who got married in 2011 in Jupiter Island and Patrick and Pamela who got married 2 years ago in Mantauk Long Island. All of these past weddings were magnificent outdoor receptions. But these weren’t the only familiar guests attending the wedding, however. Jeffrey Laurie, owner of the Eagles, was one of the guests!

An important aspect of any wedding is the food. Catering this superb wedding was award winning catering company, Marcia Selden Catering. We worked together with Robin and Jeffrey Selden, who did a tremendous job, to ensure that this day would be an unforgettable milestone event for Sara and Phillip.

Clearly with a wedding as magnificent as this one, capturing the moments of this day was crucial. Who better than Julie Skarratt Photography and Peter Canale with Milk and Honey Productions? This photographer and videographer were able to takes pictures and videos that will allow Sara and Phillip to relive this happy day all over again.