Memories of Wedding’s Past

View From The Stage

BVTLive! View From the Stage

From the most enjoyable experiences to the weirdest situations, after performing at thousands of weddings, Kurt Titchenell has experienced it all.  He shared with us some of these stories as well as his favorite parts of working a wedding.  


For Kurt, the most enjoyable part about working a wedding is, “The last song of the night, when the bride and groom are on stage with us, and you have the whole family, bride and groom hugging you and thanking everybody in the band, that really makes it worthwhile.”  He went on to share the most satisfying part, “Nailing their first dance, because we learn the first dances all the time and you can see it in their faces when we get it right.”  At BVTLive!, we work extensively with the couples prior to their wedding, so we “get to know them pretty well, making it really satisfying seeing the big smiles on their face and tears coming down from their eyes, dancing with their dad.” 


Most Enjoyable Memory: “When we perform for people that we know.  I did my brother’s best friend’s daughter’s wedding at the Rittenhouse Hotel and you know it was just tremendous because I’ve known him my whole life and his daughter got married.  That was one that was just outstanding. We also did a wedding for a kid that started here as an intern, Brian Taggart, who I then hired. That was also really satisfying.”  Kurt went on to share another enjoyable memory, “We did a concert one Sunday and Dondi (the lead singer of Jellyroll) dedicated Summerwind by Frank Sinatra to my father-in-law Felix, who is 88, and he’s out there in the audience crying his eyes out. It was good stuff.”


Least Memorable Experience: “When the groom tripped over a chair and broke his leg right at the beginning of dinner and couldn’t get up.  We kept playing real soft, because what do you do? Gotta play! He got taken out in an ambulance! What a shame.” 


Weirdest Experience: “We had a very involved mother of the bride ask us to give her an award that she brought with her as the “Bridal Mother of the Year.””


Oddest Song Requests: “Rainbow Connection” where we actually had the muppet, Kermit, held by our trumpet player as he sang.


Favorite Song to Play: “Suit and Tie” by Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z

Kurt Titchenell is the founder and President of BVTLive! He is also the bandleader, and co-creator of the award-winning dance band, Jellyroll and has been performing with the band since 1980. With thousands of private performances under his belt, his experience has lead Jellyroll to become the most in-demand party band in the tri-state area and BVTLive to become one of the areas foremost leaders in wedding and private event entertainment. Kurt's dedication to his profession is evident in every aspect of his professional life. As President of BVTLive, Kurt is committed to making your event a success.