The Wedding Weekend

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In the past, it was customary for a wedding to be was made up of only two parts: the ceremony and the reception. Now, more and more families are deciding to extend their special day to encompass the entire weekend. Mundane planning sessions have become elegant and sophisticated preludes to the wedding day. Sometimes, the celebration continues after the reception, as modern couples implement after-parties for a more intimate celebration with their closest family and friends. Similarly, trends are also moving toward a “Sunday brunch” for out-of-town guests who attend the wedding.

At BVTLive! we believe that these other elements of the wedding weekend should be just as special as the wedding itself. We can provide the unique combination of a quality event planning experience and a large and diverse roster of talent to allow your wedding to reach its full potential. We would be honored to provide appropriate live entertainment for every step of the wedding process, including the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, after-party and brunch, or any combination of these events.


 Rehearsal Dinners

After years of rehearsal dinners being wedding run-throughs followed by dinner, now, they are so much more. A modern rehearsal dinner can be a stylish and elegant affair that will prepare a wedding party to participate in the ceremony and following events. BVT’s Jazz, Pop, and Classical division, Inspired Emotions, can provide ambiance and sophistication with a classical guitarist, jazz vocalist, violinist, or any combination of musicians from our extended roster.

  Ceremonies & Cocktail Hours

BVT provides two options for ceremony music and cocktail hours. If a BVTLive! band is playing the reception, a group of musicians from the same band are able to play the ceremony and cocktail hour. However, we also provide the option to customize the ceremony or cocktail hour using some of Philadelphia’s very best single or small group musicians from our Inspired Emotions division.



Any good reception needs a great band to keep the energy flowing, and all eleven of BVTLive!’s exclusive Dance Bands have years of experience doing just that. Our bands possess the necessary combination of professionalism, repertoire, talent and stage presence to set your reception apart from the rest.  Former clients have frequently said they didn’t know a wedding reception could be so much fun until they had a BVTLive! band perform!


Sometimes, the party doesn’t end when the reception does.  BVTLive! can provide a large array of Specialty Acts to perform at an after-party. There is nothing better than live music to keep a party going after a long day of ceremony, guest greeting, eating, drinking and dancing.  We can provide any type of performer, from a steel drum player to infuse your after party with a Caribbean feel to dueling piano players if you just want to sing along to some Billy Joel or Elton John. BVTLive! can also provide a Blend, or a “DJ plus” live performer combination to give your after-party a hip club feel.


Next-Day Brunches

Many times, the commotion of a wedding reception doesn’t allow the bride and groom to spend adequate time with their loved ones, especially those who have traveled from out-of-town for this special day. A brunch during the day following the two main wedding events can provide this much-needed change of pace, and BVTLive! can provide relaxing and elegant music to suit the occasion.

 We at BVTLive! make it a priority to keep up with the ever-changing modern world in which we live. As the customs for special events like weddings develop over time, we continue to create new and exciting enhancements and additions to our company’s abilities. If you are interested in taking advantage of this new opportunity to include BVTLive! in your whole wedding experience, please visit our contact page to get in touch with us.


Kurt Titchenell is the founder and President of BVTLive! He is also the bandleader, and co-creator of the award-winning dance band, Jellyroll and has been performing with the band since 1980. With thousands of private performances under his belt, his experience has lead Jellyroll to become the most in-demand party band in the tri-state area and BVTLive to become one of the areas foremost leaders in wedding and private event entertainment. Kurt's dedication to his profession is evident in every aspect of his professional life. As President of BVTLive, Kurt is committed to making your event a success.