Inspired Emotion’s Summer Feel


It was the nicest weekend of the summer so far, and BVTLive!’s Inspired Emotions Division kept themselves busy and outside for this event-filled weekend. Richard Plunkett performed at Philadelphia Cricket Club’s new, state of the art pool complex, with an Island Guitar set. On Sunday, he made his way to Springfield Country Club’s new Tavola Outdoor venue. The ever-dynamic Britton Brothers found themselves at Berkshire Country Club and a private residence in Malvern, keeping the music going and people dancing all weekend long. The fantastic weather, outdoor dining, and music, created the perfect formula for one of those weekends to remember this summer! If you missed out and would like to experience some great outdoor dining, drinks, and music, you can find Richard Plunkett performing again at Tavola on June 22nd!

Richard PlunkettRichard Plunkett TavolaBritton Brothers