How to pick a Philadelphia Wedding DJ

How to Pick a Philadelphia Wedding DJ in a Few Easy Steps

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The one you love has asked you for your hand in marriage and you couldn’t be happier! Now it’s time to start planning. There is a lot to do and you may feel overwhelmed. Well, there’s no need to worry about your entertainment. Our Event Consultants are here to help. Here’s a little assistance with how to pick a Philadelphia wedding DJ that will keep your party rocking all night long.

How to Pick a Philadelphia Wedding DJ – STEP ONE

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Anytime it comes to picking music for your wedding reception, you must first ask yourself – “What kind of music do my fiancé and I want to hear on our wedding day?” Answering that one basic question can help you narrow down your DJ. Just knowing the type of music you want to have played will help you to pick the right Philadelphia wedding DJ. There’s nothing worse than being a party where the DJ plays all the songs you hate. This is not what you want for your wedding. You want a DJ that plays the music from the genres you enjoy and the DJs at BVTLive! have a wide range of music in their playlist.

How to Pick a Philadelphia Wedding DJ – STEP TWO

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Now that you have come identified the music that you like, it’s time to consider your guests. You may be into heavy metal, Motown, alternative rock, or even smooth jazz, but is that what your guests will want to hear as well? Ask yourself things like “are the majority of my guests older or younger?” “Do they enjoy the same music that I do?” “If not, is there a type of music that we all like?” Think about songs and artists and you can come with a style, era, or genre you think will work well. Once you do this you will have an idea that can help you pick a Philadelphia wedding DJ that will fit you and your guests. The event consultants at BVTLive! are very helpful in this area.

How to Pick a Philadelphia Wedding DJ – STEP THREE

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Do you think the majority of your guests will want to dance the night away or are they more about enjoying each other’s company and conversation? This is the third thing to think about that will help you pick a Philadelphia wedding DJ. Why? Because if you have a dancing crowd, you want to make sure they will be dancing. But if you have a more relaxed crowd, you don’t want to bombard them with loud music and heavy beats. Either of these scenarios in the wrong atmosphere is sure to be a recipe for disaster. You don’t want to watch your family and friends leave early because you have created the wrong atmosphere for them. You want to pick the right Philadelphia wedding DJ that will help you make your wedding reception become the best night ever.

How to Pick a Philadelphia Wedding DJ – STEP FOUR

Keep your budget in mind when you choose your entertainment

The fourth step is a big thing to think about, and that’s budget. Ask yourself what you are able to spend and how long you want the DJ to play. Will they play the reception only or would you like them to play the cocktail hour as well? Is there any possibility for overtime if the dance floor is packed and your guests are clamoring for more? A Philadelphia wedding DJ can be reasonably priced but you must find out what their additional fees will be for cocktail hours or overtime. It is also important to note that the actual price of the DJ will ultimately depend on the company that you get your entertainment from. An entertainment company like BVTLive! has lots of affordable DJs for you to pick from. They are flexible and willing to play cocktail hours or overtime in addition to the wedding reception.

How to Pick a Philadelphia Wedding DJ – STEP FIVE

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The final step is location. Is your wedding in or around the Philadelphia region? If the answer is yes, that’s awesome. If it’s no and you really want to pick a Philadelphia wedding DJ, don’t worry. Most DJs will travel to play your reception. Just be aware that the further they have to travel from the greater Philadelphia region, the more likely that an additional travel fee will be assessed. These fees can be very affordable so do not be afraid to discuss this with your DJ.

There is no substitute for having the right Philadelphia wedding DJ that you think will make your special day a truly memorable one. Call BVTLive! at (610) 358-9010 now to speak to an experienced Event Consultant. Get your questions answered, and let us help you pick the right Philadelphia wedding DJ. We are here to help your wedding dreams come true.

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