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Ashly Reese has numerous years of hospitality, sales and event planning experience with a focus on private club based special parties and corporate entertaining. Ashly holds a degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management from Penn State University. Her ability to anticipate the customer’s needs and expectations are unsurpassed. Whether you are planning an intimate dinner reception, a business focus group or elaborate wedding, Ashly’s flexibility and ability to accommodate your needs will put you at ease and help you develop the perfect event.

Enjoy the Ride

For some brides, the road to the altar is, at times, a bumpy one. It can be lined with budget challenges, opinionated family and endless decisions to be made. Your wedding day is a day you will remember forever, but that doesn’t mean the months leading up to the Big Day have to be stressful. Follow these few easy tips to be sure the stress of planning doesn’t detour your wedding journey.

Company is Key

A wedding is a unique opportunity for a couple to share time with friends and family. Be sure to surround yourselves with people who are as excited for your wedding as you are! Invite your loved ones who are more than happy to lend a helping hand to smaller appointments. Take advantage of spending one-on-one time with those closest to you. Do not feel obligated to invite you parents, your entire bridal party and your neighbor from three doors down to every wedding related meeting. Always keep in mind not everyone has the same opinion and that there is, indeed, such a thing as too many opinions.

Create your Own Timeline

The internet is filled with hundreds of websites with detailed schedules for a newly engaged couple. While these timelines offer a great starting point for your schedule it in important to make a schedule that is all your own. Focus on making the decisions that are integral part of selecting a wedding date first, such as choosing ceremony and reception venues.

Don’t forget to factor your personal lives into your timeline. Take into consideration your family summer vacation or your busy work season and use these times as personal deadline goals.

Be Realistic

While many brides would love to have a “Hollywood” wedding it is likely your wedding day isn’t destined to include a star-studded guest list or the bottomless budget that accompanies it. It is important to identify your wedding day priorities as a couple as early as possible in the planning process and make accommodations from there.If it is important that all of your guests dance the night away with the best band in town, you may need to balance this by passing on the pricy linens you loved at the florist, sacrifices must sometimes be made.

When creating a budget it is imperative that you put together an accurate guest list. Sending out 300 invitations in the hopes that enough people will “regretfully decline” to fit your 200 guest budget is sure to backfire.

Rely on the Professionals

The venues and vendors you choose can shape your wedding. Select vendors who put you in the driver’s seat. You want to find vendors who are fun yet professional and fit your personality.

Your vendors can be your most reliable source of reference so ask for your vendor’s opinion. Your venue contacts know what layouts and colors work best in the space. Caterers know what menu items work best for large crowds, your wedding planner has institutional knowledge of day-of details, and we’ve seen it all before. Alleviate your stress by leaving the smaller details up to your vendors, trust the professionals to steer you in the right direction.

In the end, it’s your Big Day, be sure to enjoy every minute of getting there!


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