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Contagious Party Band

Let Your Day Be…Special!

There are multiple entities involved in the planning of your special day. As the bandleader of the Contagious Party Band, I take my involvement and responsibility of your wedding day very seriously. While the band is a big part of your day, it is not the only part. Wedding planners, florists, caterers, servers, videographers, photographers, and the venue all have to be in sync as your team. It is the goal of your team to make the event a smooth and joyous occasion. At the end of the day we want your special day to be just that…special.

Everyone on your team should have a complete understanding of the details of your wedding. It is important for the bandleader to have a personal involvement with the bride and groom. Kurt Titchenell (bandleader of Jellyroll) brings up a lot of great points in BVTLive’s “View From the Stage” Article, titled Pacing Your Event. Kurt says that you need to discuss the pacing of your event with all relevant parties, including your wedding planner, bandleader, and caterer. You hire these specific entities so that you can trust the job will get done and your wedding will go the way that you want it to. You want to be comfortable with these team members so that you can freely discuss the details of your event with out reserve. This open communication provides the details of your vision so that your team can get the job done with out you doing anything but coaching.

As the bandleader I work with you before the event to ensure that all of the entertainment details are covered. I ensure that the arrival and setup times are worked out with the venue. I make sure I know who is being introduced and when so that the special dances are ready to go. We cover who will be giving the toasts, when they are giving them, how the meal will be presented, and even when to cut the cake. I ensure I have a conversation with the planner and the maître d’ before the night begins so that details are double and triple checked.

Where does the wedding party line up for introductions? Will they sit or stand after the introductions? Does the wedding party join in the first dance or do the newlyweds dance alone? These are all parts of details that can be stressful to everyone involved if it is not definite before the reception begins. One instance, I was serving as the Best Man for my friend’s wedding in Chicago. The couple planned everything themselves and did a wonderful job. Everything was covered except what to do after entering the room. Seeing that I’ve been involved with the process several hundred times I was able to be of assistance. After a brief conversation with the couple and wedding party it was not difficult to come up with a procedure for how to enter the room for the reception. We came in like pros, struck our poses for pictures by the photographer, split and took our positions around the table, but did not participate in the 1st dance. It was a piece of wedding cake!

I often have the information that helps the rest of the team out. Plenty of times photographers have asked me when the parent’s dances will be or what time the cake was being cut. All of my information is gathered from the bride and groom themselves or the wedding planner. These things are worked out behind the scenes between your team members so that you can focus on enjoying your day. The difference is in the details and all of your team members sharing information helps make all the preparation pay off, and that pay off is you having a great time!

Definitely, Doc

Definitely, Contagious

Kurt Titchenell is the founder and President of BVTLive! He is also the bandleader, and co-creator of the award-winning dance band, Jellyroll and has been performing with the band since 1980. With thousands of private performances under his belt, his experience has lead Jellyroll to become the most in-demand party band in the tri-state area and BVTLive to become one of the areas foremost leaders in wedding and private event entertainment. Kurt's dedication to his profession is evident in every aspect of his professional life. As President of BVTLive, Kurt is committed to making your event a success.