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COVID-19 Response: Virtual Band Showcases at BVTLive!

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Thanks for Helping!

First and foremost, all of us here at BVTLive would like to thank our healthcare community, first responders, everyone on the frontline, and those behind the scenes, that are fighting to protect us from the COVID-19 virus!  Thanks in large part to these amazing people, we will indeed survive and be stronger than ever!

We also want to thank our BVTLive! customers, many of whom are on the front line.  Our business is supported by couples getting married, as well as organizations and others looking for us to provide the live musical backdrop for their celebrations.  Our customers have been absolutely amazing as we work with them to reschedule their events, and we are extremely appreciative, as we understand that this is an extremely challenging time for everyone.  I am also very proud of our BVTLive! team as we have successfully rescheduled over 75 weddings, and we are still at it!!

In addition, we cannot overlook our musicians, as they are suffering, as much as anyone.

Dance Band Availability

With a large amount of rescheduled weddings, our future couples are beginning to find less availability for not only our bands and performers but venues and other professionals.  More and more couples are rescheduling into 2021.  This rescheduling, along with the regular demand is beginning to limit supply, especially for the more popular venues and professionals.  This is not something that many of our prospective clients have thought of.  For example, if a couple is seriously interested in a specific band, it may not make sense to wait for a chance to see them live.

Virtual Band Showcases

With this in mind, we are adapting our marketing and booking process with virtual showcase performances, including personal consultations (often through the Zoom app), where our BVTLive! staff, along with our band leaders, meet online or by phone to consult with our prospective clients, utilizing our large video library of each band.  The silver lining is that we can schedule these meetings at our prospective clients’ convenience, and it is already proving to be a fun, successful solution.  At the same time, we can’t wait to get back to our traditional live showcases at The Ardmore Music Hall, and believe me, the first one will be a party!  Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook where we have been posting some fun things, and plan on continuing this.

We hope and pray that everyone stays safe and healthy, as we look forward to seeing you at a party sooner, rather than later!

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Guided by his experience as the bandleader of Philadelphia’s top band, Jellyroll, and President of BVTLive!, Kurt Titchenell has kept dance floors packed and created unforgettable memories for thousands of events nationwide! Widely acclaimed as an entertainment expert, Kurt and BVTLive! have earned the most prestigious accolades in the industry. Most notably were two Jellyroll performances at The White House. Kurt's dedication to the success of every event is evident through his passion for creating the ultimate party experience. As President of BVTLive!, Kurt is committed to making your event a success.