Choosing a Band at a Live Wedding Band Showcase

Wedding & Party Bands

With all of the amazing options in wedding entertainment, seeing bands perform live has become part of a couple’s wedding planning experience. Most bands and entertainment companies offer you the opportunity to see live performances, typically in a showcase setting. It is not unusual for a couple to see up to 5 bands perform in a single evening. As fun as this is, it can be overwhelming. So, I thought I would offer some things for a couple to consider.

What you see is what you get

Be sure that the band you are seeing is the band you will actually get if you hire them. Here are some questions and considerations:

Is this the exact group of musicians I can expect at my wedding if I hire this band?

  • Make sure that the musicians in each particular band are dedicated to the success of the band in which they are performing.

Has the band recently made any changes in personnel; and how often does the band work?

  • This last question is an important one. A band that is busy is more likely to attract and retain quality musicians.


Look for consistency

If you are attending a multi-band showcase, look to see if the same musicians are performing in different bands. This is a sign that the company mixes and matches musicians to perform in multiple bands. Simply put, a band that performs as a team all of the time will be tighter both musically and visually.

Consider versatility

A band showcasing should be able to perform a wide range of music, even in a short amount of time. Most clients decide on a band within 20 minutes. So, most truly professional bands are able to perform a solid medley of songs even in a 20 minute showcase set. Of course, it is also a good idea to look at a band’s full song list.

Look, listen, and meet

An obvious advantage to seeing a band live is the ability to see how the band dresses, moves through choreography, and conducts themselves on stage. Look for a solid visual presentation while listening for experienced musicianship. By the way, pay attention to vocal harmonies as the better bands spend time polishing their vocal arrangements. Finally, meet the band leaders and lead singers. These are the people that will be running what may be the most important event of your life, so be sure you like them a lot!

Kurt Titchenell is the founder and President of BVTLive! He is also the bandleader, and co-creator of the award-winning dance band, Jellyroll and has been performing with the band since 1980. With thousands of private performances under his belt, his experience has lead Jellyroll to become the most in-demand party band in the tri-state area and BVTLive to become one of the areas foremost leaders in wedding and private event entertainment. Kurt's dedication to his profession is evident in every aspect of his professional life. As President of BVTLive, Kurt is committed to making your event a success.