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During each BVTLive! Showcase, we make time to answer some of your wedding questions. Four experts in the industry offered up some useful answers about current wedding trends. On the panel we have Big Ric from Big Ric Rising, Kurt Titchenell, President of BVTLive!, Gabe Fredricks of Philip Gabriel Photography, and Tim Sudall of Allure Films. Check out some helpful tips below:

Tim: Often times when I meet clients, they do not want to be cliché. They want to do things differently. So Kurt, I am going to start with you. As the band leader of Jellyroll, what are some of the things you see that are unique and different?

Kurt: As far as trends, we are seeing that ‘less is more’ at a wedding. For instance, we are seeing fewer formalities, especially after dinner. There are not as many cake tosses, and hardly any garter scenarios. We are even seeing silent cake cutting, where the bride and groom simply walk to the side with the photographer and cut the cake. I think the whole idea is to keep the party moving.

Tim: Awesome, thank you so much. Gabe, from your perspective on the photo side, you get to see all behind the scenes. We both start five hours before the band starts, so we get to see not only the reception, but the whole experience. Do you mind sharing a couple ideas?

Gabe: One of the cool things I’ve seen for the ladies right now is all the different types of dresses that have a jewel or felt, which goes around the sash, which the bride will put on for the party. This is something that changes up the dress a little bit. During announcements, one groom came tearing through the door with a white dinner jacket on. He switched out of his black tuxedo, changed it up a bit, and the crowd went wild. While of course the beautiful, young lady is in the spotlight, I thought it was a nice moment for the groom to share. It gave him some time to shine too.

Kurt: ‘Less is more’ carries over for announcements too. We are not seeing many large bridal party announcements. It takes a while to line-up a bridal party, make the introductions, and get everyone in the room. A tip for bridal party introductions is to make sure someone is in charge of getting everyone together and in the area for us to announce. More frequently, we are seeing just bride and grooms announced. I think this is okay because the event really is about the bride and groom, so we are seeing more simple announcements.

Tim: Great, thanks Kurt. Big Ric, from your perspective, you get to see many trends. What are some things that really catch your eye? What are you seeing out there that is different?

Big Ric: We actually dressed up in pure white converse sneakers, which was really cool. Traditionally we play our own music when the bride and groom come in, but sometimes they want their own songs. There are many Youtube videos where the bridal party does a flash mob dance, and that is also popular now. Some of the new trends are going back to old school.

Tim: Alright thanks! So from my point of view, technology is huge. Hash tagging your wedding is really popular right now. Some people put up a sign at cocktail hour so everyone can share pictures to the hash tag. In the old days we had little instamatic cameras on the table, and we ended up with 5,000 pictures of cake cutting. Now the bride and groom have a common place to look at shared photos. Also, like Big Ric mentioned, old is now new. I’ve seen three or four times this past year that weddings will have live paintings, which was done in the old days before photography. Now, Kurt, I want to go back to you with music. We received many questions about bands. One question was, “Is the Master of Ceremonies always the band leader?”

Kurt: No, not necessarily. Typically the lead singers are out front, and in some cases the band leader is the person who MC’s everything. I’m a band leader and I do not say anything on stage, but lead singers are much better than I am at it. Every case is different. Tim: One question that appeared a lot was, “Will a band learn a song for us?”

Kurt: That is a great question. If we do not know a song that you want to walk in to, we will learn it. We will also learn your first dance, and any special parent dances. We typically learn up to three songs. We hope that we know the songs, but if not, we will learn it.

Tim: Awesome. Gabe and I have noticed on place card tables that there are photographs in honor of friends or family members of ones that are not with us anymore. We encourage you to do this, and it is also free. Next, I will switch over to Gabe.

Gabe: Something I have noticed that couples are doing more is deciding to see each other before each ceremony. There is no right or wrong way for this. I had two client meetings today, and we discussed, “should we or should we not see each other before the ceremony?”. One bride decided she did not want to. I never push for one or the other, since there are pros and cons to both. That reveal of seeing each other is still special when you are walking down the aisle and 250 people turn around to look at you. We have also turned the reveal before ceremony into a special moment for the couple. We make it an intimate moment where we go to a private location that has great lighting. This way the couple is able to take a moment and take in everything.

This is the latest installment of BVTLive!’s Expert Panel taking place at our showcase at The Ardmore Music Hall on January 19, 2015. 


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Kurt Titchenell is the founder and President of BVTLive! He is also the bandleader, and co-creator of the award-winning dance band, Jellyroll and has been performing with the band since 1980. With thousands of private performances under his belt, his experience has lead Jellyroll to become the most in-demand party band in the tri-state area and BVTLive to become one of the areas foremost leaders in wedding and private event entertainment. Kurt's dedication to his profession is evident in every aspect of his professional life. As President of BVTLive, Kurt is committed to making your event a success.