Vinyl Groov Band: Live Wedding Party Band in Philadelphia

Vinyl Groov Band Leader PhotoHarold Lowery was born at Fort Bragg, in North Carolina. Being the son of an Army veteran explains his regimented and detailed personality. These traits definitely are an asset and very evident in his event planning and customer service.

Harold is known as ‘LARK’ by his family, friends and long-time comrades.

Lark began his music /entertainment career as a vocalist in the group “The Pains of Love” in Harrisburg, PA. It wasn’t long until Lark became the band leader and the group performed regularly throughout the Northeast Corridor of the USA. Lark’s organizational skills and passion for R&B music drove him to keep the music alive and kicking.

The next step professionally, was to build the band CHILL FAC-TORR. The group recorded on Philly World Records and had a very significant run, not only in the studio, but also with concerts and other public appearances.

Since 2008, Lark has been leader of the band “Vinyl Groov,” an outstanding special occasion dance and show band, and lives in the Harrisburg Area with his family.